Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Bit more of September and BOOKS for October

More on September.....
Life change in progress. I am enrolled in Massage Therapy classes and in ten (short?) months I will be eligible to take my National and State boards and then work some magic, so to speak. I am super excited and INCREDIBLY nervous and constantly stressed. But I figure since I stress all the time learning ways to relieve stress and heal others just may work on myself a bit too. Not to mention during school I will receive 2 massage a week! Woot!! Now, I just need to survive school, in more literal terms, keep the lights on while I am hitting the books. Oh yea, and keep looking for that mysterious check in the mail from someone who loves me ;)

This month makes me think of pumpkins! I love pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cupcakes... you see the pattern. I also love that the weather takes a great turn in October and the world becomes bearable once again. It is so refreshing. So books are my bestest friends in the whole world, I really believe this. I love books. I love too. And since I discovered the paperback swapping site my love has expanded at a relatively small cost. I LOVE my NOOK!!! It is fabulous and since I can keep a digital library not every surface of my place is littered (oh that sounds like a treacherous word) with paperbacks. My challenge this month is to read something Science Fiction. This just seems like a punishment in all honesty I have no clue what I was thinking when I wrote that at the beginning of the year. I need to organize summer photos which technically I did already here
I sought other books by an author I love to read, Ellen Hopkins. I realized I have yet to read Impulse so that is a must, and I read her newest book Fallout. I just love her style and candor. And I think I will reread Pride and Prejudice, simply because I love it so.

So not too sure how I will accomplish this additional reading because I am starting an anatomy class in two weeks and will only have time for the muscular anatomy for a while; but, I always make time for my books. It's like a smoker who always can find time for a cigarette, I can always get a page or two in :)

October --->Books
*Embrace new books (read something Science Fiction)
*Make a photo book from summer photos
*Seek other books by authors I enjoy
*Reread Jane Austen

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September-----> Career Exploration

September-->Career Exploration
*Dig DEEP!
*Explore my options
*Try something new
*Be true to Alina

Well, well, well, here goes nothing. I am embarking on a new career. After Praxis II exams, countless attempts at straightening things out for grad school or alternative certification, a handful of denied teaching positions and a reality check on the costs of pursing another degree. I am abandoning my goal of teaching. Deep down, I know I will teach someday. If that means later in life I will return to college or I end up in Africa somewhere teaching in a hut, I do not know. But I know at this moment in life I am not going to school for education. I love being in the schools and absolutely enjoy substituting but I cannot handle the bureaucracy of the system at the moment. It is a tango I am unskilled to dance.

I explored other options that appeal to me and after much thought and careful consideration of weighing pros and cons I am entering Massage Therapy School. I am extremely excited to learn a craft that can help people. I am also excited to know that when I graduate I will possess a specific skills set for working in a field that I enjoy and the flexibility of the career is perfect for raising two kiddos.

This definitely fits into my trying something new guideline.

August-----> Money

August --->Money
*Make some
*Spend some
*Save some
*Establish a vacation goal with the kids and start a jar
*Evaluate my relationship with money and improve it

At this point in my life money seems to rear an ugly side of me. Simply for the fact that there is little to go around. I am not alone in my hardship at this time, much of America is out of work or surviving on substantially less than in previous years. I take it personally though. I am a hard-worker. I am a mother raising two kiddos and I need to provide for them. I want to give them more than I received and at this time it is difficult. I stretch money better than I thought was possible and appreciate the lessons of management I am learning. I hope to jump this hurdle, hold on to the lessons and not enter this zone again down the road.

I am able to substitute teach some since school is back in session and that helps a great deal. I also do photography engagements, in-store event auditing, and the occasional craft order. If something else comes along that I am suited for that will yield a profit I jump on it and get to work.

Saving money is difficult now because there is barely enough for the things that must be paid. I know once I am able to work regularly I will save because I know the feeling of being empty in the bank. I took so much for granted before I lost my job. There was never a worry of paying a bill on time. No need to balance anything before deciding where to eat and now things are different. I cook mostly and when we eat out it is a treasure. We are not frequenting shows and such as much and when we do go everyone is excited.